nikki moore

the little virgin of no.thing

In Subjection on November 25, 2008 at 8:32 pm

man at zero point.  woman as lack.  

nietzsche said we would rather will nothing than not will at all… 

but are we thus fascinated, is this simply a hole-y enterprise?  something of nihilism, and then, of course, no.thing of nihilism at all?

we’ve quit the human.  a hollow concept, it offers little more than a container for ambitions, progress and, of course, the holocaust.

we quit woman before we began her.  as lack, lacuna, she never began to begin.

but perhaps the real drive was man all along.  is this self-castration?  the drive to find nothing, no.thing, so that any appearing can be read as pure joy?

what am i trying to say?  why do we represent the masses as hollow mass?  why is the proletariat (Marx) or generic humanity (badiou) all that is available to convey the movement of historical being?  are they simply the virgin Many?

maurice blanchot writes:  “This search for point zero is necessarily ambiguous: it lends itself to all misrepresentations and encourages all simplifications… It is also easy – and perhaps useful – to denounce the illusory character of this search for point zero.  Not illusory, however, but imaginary, almost according to the meaning given this word by mathematics: imaginary is the reference to a man without myth, as is imaginary the reference to the man dispossessed of himself, free of all determination, deprived of all “value,” and alienated to the point where he is nothing but the acting consciousness of this nothing, the essential man of point zero, whose theoretical model certain analyses of Marx have proposed and in relation to whom the modern proletariat discovers itself, defines and affirms itself, even if it does not truly satisfy such a schema.”  p. 80

so perhaps this is something new and perhaps this is something very very old:  womb envy?  virginity… and the empty vessel?  perhaps we haven’t escaped that metaphor, just as we haven’t escaped others.  and unlike irigaray’s theory of the forgotten mother, this mother has not been forgotten. she simply hasn’t been properly named.  the masses, the workers, those who carry the event.  

the blessed virgin.  the penultimate no.thing.

are we still looking to her tearing statues for hope?


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