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In Uncategorized on April 4, 2009 at 9:20 pm

april 4th, Wall Street March

Today, April 4th is/was:

  • the march of people for the anniversary/memorial of Martin Luther King’s assassination
  • the march of people for the commemoration of his anti-vietnam war speech one year prior
  • the march of people for bailing out people, not banks
  • the march of people against the war in Afghanistan
  • the march of people against the war on Gaza

and doubtless, more, many, other marches took place as well.  which means, simply put, there were a lot of feet moving today.  mine were two of them.  i marched out of my apartment, off to a media conference at the New School, where I heard media maven Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! speak about the importance of independent news media.  then i marched to the trains and from there down to wall street to one/some/all? of the above marches.  then i marched along 14th street to whole foods, and after a coffee i marched back to the New School for 2 hours of talks on embodiment, commodification and aurality.  i finally marched home, or back to the train and then home.  

at the end of all this marching, i am not quite sure where i stood for something and where i simply stood.  is there something different about me marching down wall street and me marching up the stairs at whole foods?  and which part of me was most important, if any part was important today at all?  the part that ritually walked, that stood, that gathered?  or the ‘o ‘ye of little faith’ who wondered all the while what all this marching was for?

in a talk given by psychoanalyst, scholar and philosopher Julia Kristeva this week, lacan & heidegger merged and became crystal clear on one point: there is nothing but sublimation of the nothing, the real.  that being said, philosophy is surely done.  nothing more is needed from it.  

except inbodyment.  not sartre’s action.  but a manner of conveying the unbearable lightness of being so that it can be embraced as freedom.  even if freedom isn’t.  or even especially…

perhaps then the next step is choosing which forms of sublimation to participate in.  sometimes there isn’t a choice.  you feed your children, you take care of those who need you.  but usually it’s not that obvious.  

and do we want to make it about choice?  we’re not talking about protestantism.  belief, bringing jesus, the palestinians or the pakistanis into your heart.

or are we.  is that care?  is that sublimation?

am i still marching?


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